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A rapidly expanding global multi-channel retailer
with innovative products, efficiency in operations
& exceptional customer service

As mentioned above we are a multi-channel retailer, at Innox trading we have products which would suit
everyone's needs what ever it is we have products from healthcare
to disposbale waste bags for campers.


Innox Trading Ltd began in 2001 from a small Pharmacy shop in the North West of England. Due to the
dedication and commitment to cause from the staff, this one pharmacy soon became many. The business
expanded and our dream grew in tandem.

Soon Chemist-4-U gained interest from multiple, high level partners and were able to offer more varied,
high quality products than ever before for much lower prices, This includes TravelJohn, Organic World
Premiumbrands4less, Shave&Subscribe, Smile&Subscribe and Smooth&Subscribe.

The Future

Today, Chemist-4-U stands as one of the UK's largest online pharmacies and works very closely with the highly
acclaimed Groupon, which allows us to share our products with a much wider audience.
Innox Trading has grown as company over the years and each year has made new success to the company, including the new 'subscribe channels'
in particular Shave and Subscribe who is in partnership with the popular shaving brand Gillette.

To this day, our passion to bring the public high quality goods at outstandingly low prices has not diminished
and, as we look to the future, Innox Trading endeavours to bring even more products to our customers at the
lowest prices possible.

What We Offer

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